Multifactor Authentication with Text Message SMS

Verification by sending a six-digit code to the user's registered cell phone via SMS.

The figure below illustrates the configuration of the SMS method for 2FA.

SMS Configuration

Step 1

On your dashboard page, go to Physical Verification Setup and select Configure button under the Text-Message option.

Step 2

Now, enter the phone number that you want to set up for receiving SMS. Click "Send Verification Code" button, for testing.

Step 3

Check the code in the SMS received on your phone and enter this code here and hit verify.

Step 4

We have now set up SMS as the 2nd factor for the authentication.

SMS Usage

Step 1

Login with passwordless authentication then enter your email and click Proceed. Select Text-Message to login. This sends a one time code to your phone which was configured earlier.

Step 2

Simply enter the code received as SMS in your phone here and hit the Verify button.

Step 3

You have now successfully logged in to the application/web portal.

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