Multifactor Authentication with Email

A six-digit Verification code is sent to the user's registered email address.

Note once user configure Email under User Self-service portal which cannot be deleted.

The figure below illustrates the configuration of the Email method for 2FA.

Email Configuration

Step 1

On your dashboard page, go to Physical Verification Setup and select Configure button under the Email option.

Step 2

Enter the email address that you want to configure for receiving the 2-factor security code. Hit "Send Verification Code" to test this.

Step 3

Check your email and enter the one time code here, hit "Verify".

Step 4

We have now set up the email for 2FA. As shown here:

Email Usage

Step 1

Login with passwordless authentication then enter your email and click Proceed. Select Email to login. The one time security code will be sent to the Email address that was configured earlier for 2FA.

Step 2

Enter the one time code and click on Verify.

Step 3

If the code entered matches, the user is successfully logged in.

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