What is TOTP?

TOTP stands for Time-based One-time Password - is a temporary passcode (six or eight digit ), generated by an algorithm, used for authenticating users based on time and device.

TOTP Configuration

Download and Install the cidaas authenticator app from the link below, if not done so already.

TOTP:Configuration Flow:

The diagram shows the steps for configuring the TOTP method, that the user needs to carry out before he can use this to verify his identity:

Usage Flow:

The diagram shows the steps involved during the usage of the TOTP method for authentication:

Here below the same usage flow with concrete screenshots:

Step 1

On your dashboard page, go to Physical Verification Setup and select Configure button under the TOTP (cidaas authenticator app) option.

Step 2

The following screen appears on the web.

To scan the QR code presented, open your downloaded cidaas authenticator app and click on Add tab.

Step 3

Scan the QR Code displayed on your desktop.

Note: Instead of scanning QR Code on desktop, alternately, you can open cidaas-authenticator mobile app, and in physical verification section, choose any one verification.

If using the mobile browser, we don't need to scan qrcode. It will automaticaly ask for the appropriate authentication information, based on the verification type you choose.

Step 4

After scanning, the login screen is displayed on your phone. Login with your credentials.

Step 5

Now, a code is displayed in your authenticator app. This must be entered on the web portal.

Step 6

TOTP is now successfully configured.


Step 1

Login with passwordless authentication then enter your email and click Proceed. Select TOTP (cidaas authenticator app) to login.

Step 2

The multiple device screen gets displayed

Step 3

Now, the screen asks for the verification code, which is received in the notification on the Autheticator App on your phone.

Step 4

Enter the code displayed in your authenticator app on the webpage. As illustrated in the figure.

Step 5

You are now successfully logged in!

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