App Settings

This section explains how Apps can be created, edited and deleted easily in cidaas administrator dashboard.

Before we go in detail into configurations, let us ask what app types suit my business channel?

Which App Type should I choose?

The choice of grant type should depend on your specific use case, the trustworthiness of the client app, and user experience you want for your users. Hence this selection needs careful consideration. Some grant types are more secure than others.

Refer to the diagram shown below, and identify which OAuth 2.0 grant type flow you need to implement.

How do I create an App?

To create Apps, navigate to cidaas Administrator dashboard -> Apps -> “App Settings” on left navigation menu.

All created apps are displayed here by default. cidaas provides a filter / option to select the app types (Single Page Application, Regular Web Application).

Note cidaas supports OpenID Connect and OAuth2 standard across all the App Types.

After creating the application, the server generates a secure pair of client_id and client_secret.

Each application is assigned a Client ID upon creation. This is an alphanumeric string and it's the unique identifier for your application (such as 4d5e6e20-9347-4255-9790-5b7196843103). It cannot be modified and you will be using it in your application's code when you call OAuth2.0 APIs.

Another important piece of information is the Client Secret. Think of it as your application's password which must be kept confidential at all times. If anyone gains access to your Client Secret they can impersonate your application and access protected resources. Hence use this with caution, and only when the use case is where a client is a resource owner.

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