Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) Reports

MFA Reports provides overview details of the user and the verification type of the user.

1. The below Multifactor Enabled Users List grid table gets displayed

2. From the Action click on the view icon , the “User Details” screen gets displayed,

For more information refer User Details.

How does Passwordless Authenticator

Passwordless authentication in cidaas allows users to login and access resources without the need to remember a password. Instead of password, cidaas provide a set of options to verify and identity, such as an OTP sent via Email, SMS, IVR, or using a Backup Code, or using TOTP, Pattern Recognition, Finger Print Recognition, Push Notification, Face Recognition, Voice Recognition.

Using this as identity verification, the user can login and access their services!

If I choose any other option, say Pattern, must use the cidaas Authenticator App for verification.

However, the user can choose and configure his preferred method for logging in to your business portal using Passwordless authentication under the Profile Setting UI section on your business portal.

Yes, these settings are the exact same as that we already discussed under Multi Factor Authentication (i.e. verification using any of these: Email, SMS, IVR, Backup Code, TOTP, Pattern, TouchID, Smart Push, Face and Voice recognition).

All the configured options will then be visible for verification as shown below:

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