Webhook Report

Webhook Report provides information on events triggered over a period. The report is filtered based on the events, date, success and failure Webhooks.

For more information refer Webhook Settings.

1. Select the filter by Webhook events drop down multiple events can be selected,

2. To choose the date range click on the apply Date Filter checkbox

Success Webhooks

3. To view the success Webhook click on the radio button against Success Webhooks

4. The below success Webhook details gets displayed

Failed Webhooks

1. To view the failed Webhook click on the radio button against Failed Webhooks

2. The below failed Webhook grid table gets displayed

Find the below table for reference:

Fields Description
Created Time User created date and time.
Sub Once user get registered with cidaas, a unique id gets generated.
Event That is, parse the payload from the cidaas Webhook event and respond back with 200 ok
URL cidaas provides a Webhook URL (location / client's Webhook receiver) and key to be configured by the Administrator user.
Actions Once the Webhook is created under Settings -> Webhook
Resubmit Webhook:

1. From the existing Webhook,

2. Click on the icon , a message window popup, to confirm the resubmit of Webhook, click “YES” button

3.The below success screen gets displayed,

4.Click “OK” button.
View Webhook:
To view failed Webhook,
1. From the failed Webhook grid table select the appropriate failed Webhook and click on the View Icon
2.The below request and response detail screen displays,

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