How do I integrate cidaas with my business?

Once you signup with cidaas, automatically you get the 2 URLs pointing to the following 2 User-Interfaces:

1. Admin UI

2. User UI

Admin UI (This is for you)

Management related tasks can be carried out here, such as managing apps, users, MFA , quotas, settings, reports etc.. Read More...

By default it is accessible at yourcidaasbaseurl/admin-ui

User UI (This is for your Customer)

This is actually used in your websites or Mobile apps. If any of your User's/Clients need to login or register with this UI will be used.

The following URL cannot be directly accessedyourcidaasbaseurl/user-ui, because cidaas is an OAuth2 OpenID connect Product.

Any activity triggered by the Client/App, needs the client_id , redirect_uri and response_type in order to create any kind of request.

Don't worry we have SDKs for generating this login url for you.

cidaas provides SDKs that suits your application needs - for all languages, across all technology stacks.

Reference Link List of SDKs here

Example to Get Login URL in JavaScript SDK

Generated Login URL

https://yourcidaasdomain/authz-srv/authz/?response_type=token&client_id=cidaas_client_id&viewtype=login&redirect_uri=https://yoursite_redirect_url/dashboard Ok now you may have a question, where to get those details and what they mean !!!!


The Client Id is the unique identifier for your application, you can have multiple clients per project.

Reference Link How to create an App

Once you create application, you get the Client Id from cidaas.


After completing the login, cidaas directs the user's user-agent back to your business-page. You have to configure this page in the redirect_uri.

The redirect URL is just to inform cidaas, hey, once login in successful, please redirect the user back to my business-page.

cidaas honours this request and checks to see if the User has the right credentials before redirecting him to the specified redirect_uri.

For Example , if you have a business with site and you like to navigate to the dashboard screen once the user is logged in,

Steps to Integrate

1. Create app in cidaas

2. Add cidaas SDK in your code and construct your app setting information like (client_id, redirect_uri, post_logout_uri, mode) etc.. Read More

3. Add cidaas.loginWithBrowser() method in your Login button.

Thats it !!! cidaas takes care of the authentication every time a protected resource is accessed.

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