Administrator Self-Services

Administrator Self-Services allows the cidaas Administrator user (Admin user in short) to view/edit/save the details of his/her own account. Other than being able to easily update his profile and change password, the Admin user can set his preferred multi factor authentication methods in the “Advanced Settings”.

Edit Basic Profile:

1 . On the cidaas dashboard, click on the Administrator user icon , the following screen appears.

2 . Click “My Account” button, “My Profile” screen displays as shown below,

3 . Click “Edit” button, to make changes to "my profile", Once the changes are done, click “Save” button, a message window pops up saying ‘Update Successful’.

Change Password

1 . Click “Change Password” tab the below screen gets displayed,

2 . Enter old password.

3 . Enter new password.

4 . Confirm entered new password.

5 . Click “Save Changes” button.

6 . Cancel button redirects to User profile screen.

Advanced Settings

7 . When administrator clicks on “Advance Settings”, he can set up further preferences on a user-friendly interface as shown below, which also serves as the “User Self-Services-Portal”. This is where business end users/customers can configure their preferences themselves!

The users can configure preferred multi factor authentication methods – multiple options from the advanced biometric techniques such as face / voice recognition, IVR, touch ID, pattern, smart push, TOTP, to the basic SMS or email. Back up codes can be used in an emergency when the phone is misplaced / forgotten. Once the authentication methods are configured, the user can securely login even without having to remember their password.

Advanced Settings has the following sections:

Reference Link on User Self-Service Portal

An Administrator can create or invite additional users to become admins (secondary administrator). Refer Secondary Administrator section for details.

In order to check the configured options, the Administrator can logout and then re-login into the cidaas portal.

8 . Enter email id and password, click “Login” button, once the user(Super admin/Secondary) configure the 2FA, the below screen gets displayed

9 . Once user verifies any one of the 2FA, after successful verification, it redirects to cidaas Administrator Dashboard Page.

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