Configuration steps to add Office365 as a Social Provider

You need to set up your application to work with Office365. We'll guide you through the process — it's pretty easy.

1. Acquire a Office365! account. This can be done by going to Azure Management portal. Sign in to office365 and click on the Active Directory icon on the left menu, and then click on the desired directory.

2. On the top menu, click Applications. If no apps have been added to your directory, this page will only show the Add an App link. Click on the link, or alternatively you can click on the Add button on the command bar.

3. On the What do you want to do page, click on the link Add an application my organization is developing.

4. On the Tell us about your application page, specify a name for your application and indicate the type of application you are registering with Azure AD. You can choose web application/client / web resource/API application. Once finished, click the arrow icon on the bottom-right corner of the page.

5. On the App properties page, provide the Sign-on URL and App ID URI if you’re registering a web application or just the Redirect URI for a native client application, then click the checkbox in the bottom-right hand corner of the page.

App ID URI: https://your_cidaas_domain/oauth2-social-service/callback/officeenterprise

6. To add a secret key for your web application's credentials, scroll down to the "Keys" section.

  • First click "Select duration" from the drop down, and select either a 1 or 2 year duration.
  • Then you will see a new row, with the "Valid from" and "Expires on" dates filled in.
  • The right-most column will contain the key value, after you save the configuration changes (below). Be sure to come back to this section and copy it after you hit save, so you will have it for use in your client application during authentication at run-time.

7. To add permission(s) to access resource APIs from your client, scroll down to the "Permissions to other applications" section.

  • First click on "Add application" button.
  • Use the "Show" from the drop-down list to select the type of resources you want to pick.
  • The first column allows you to select from the available resource applications in your directory that expose a web API. Click the resource you are interested in, then click the check mark in the lower right corner.
  • Once selected, you will see the resource added to the "Permissions to other applications" list.
  • Using the "Application Permissions" and "Delegated Permissions" drop-down lists, select the desired permissions for your client application.

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