Configuration steps to add Google as a Social Provider

You need to set up your application to work with Google. We will guide you through the process — it's pretty easy.

Generate the Google Client ID and Client Secret

1. Log in to your Google account and go to the APIs & services

2. Navigate to Credentials using the left-hand menu:

3. On the Credentials page, click on Create credentials and choose OAuth Client ID

4. On the Create client id page, select Web application. In the new fields that display, set the following parameters

Name The name of your web app
Authorized JavaScript origins https://your_cidaas_domain
Authorized redirect URIs https://your_cidaas_domain/login-srv/social/callback/google

5. Click on Create to proceed.

6. Your Client Id and Client Secret details get displayed.

Enable the Connection in cidaas:

1. Copy the Client Id and Client Secret from the Credentials page of your project in the Google API Manager into the fields on this page on cidaas.

2. Now, go to cidaas Admin dashboard -> Settings -> Social Providers and select the google app from the menu and paste the copied Client Id and Client Secret to respective text fields.

3. Select the Permissions for each of the features you want to allow your app to access.

4. We can use Google provider in user portal or the cidaas admin portal, It can be shown on Login and Register pages. To do that, there is separate enable option to specify whethere you want Google provider in User Portal or on Administrator portal.

5. Click on SAVE Button.

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