Configuration steps to add Facebook as a Social Provider

You need to set up your application to work with Facebook. We'll guide you through the process — it's pretty easy.

Login to Facebook Developers

1. You'll need a Facebook account. Sign in to Facebook and go to developers.facebook.com/apps.

2. Allow Developer access to your account if prompted. Select Add a New App from the dropdown (upper right-hand side)

Name your application

1. Provide a display name and contact email.

2. Click Create APP ID button, the security check screen gets displayed.

3. Enter the text in the given box and click on Submit button.

Setup Facebook Login

1. On the Product Setup page that follows, click on Setup under Facebook Login

2. To get started, select the platform for this app for example like (web)

3. The Quick start for Facebook Login appear. under the Facebook Login menu on the left panel, click on settings to open the client cidaas settings page

4. Enter the following URL in the Valid OAuth redirect URIs field

Site URL: https://your_cidaas_domain/oauth2-social-service/callback/facebook

5. Click on Save Changes.

Make your App Public

1. Next, click on App Review on the left navigation bar. On the top of the page under Make (Your App Name) App public?

2. Click to move the slider to Yes.

Get your App ID and App Secret

1. Fill the privacy, terms and condition and domain urls in the Settings -> Basic section

2. Enable the app for the production use.

3. Choose the relevant category.

4. Then you can retrieve your App ID and App Secret.

5. Click on Show to reveal the App Secret (you may be required to re-enter your Facebook password).

6. Copy the App ID and App Secret from the Settings of your app on Facebook.

7. Now, go to cidaas Admin dashboard -> Settings -> Social Providers and select the facebook app from the menu and paste the copied App ID and App Secret to respective text fields.

8. Select the Permissions for each of the features you want to allow your app to access.

9. We can use Foursquare provider in user portal or the cidaas admin portal, It can be shown on Login and Register pages. To do that, there is separate enable option to specify whethere you want Foursquare provider in User Portal or on Administrator portal.

10. Click on Save Button.

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